Matthew 15:24 – August 4, 2021

He said in reply, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” Matthew 15:24 NABRE            

Jesus is traveling through an area that is predominantly gentile, people not of Hebrew descent. A woman who is recognizably gentile calls out to Jesus to heal her daughter. His disciples try to push her away but she persist, desperate to save her daughter. Jesus then tells her He has come for the lost sheep of Israel. The priority given to Israel demonstrates God’s faithfulness to His people. Isreal is the First Nation called by God, the first fruits, and having made covenantal promises, it is the first to hear the gospel message. Jesus wants to get the message to Israel and then let it spread from there throughout the world. It is their knowledge of the coming Messiah that allows Jesus to step in to fill the role to a people waiting rather than having to teach people first about God, then the coming Messiah and then He has come to fulfill that role. 

The gospel message eventually spreads to the gentiles and today more of Jesus’ disciples descend from gentile lineage than Hebrew. But it is people who persist like this woman, not even insulted when she is compared to a dog who blazes the way for the message to spread beyond Israel. She demonstrates faith, an undeniable trust God can do anything that has Jesus give her what she wants. Even without knowledge of Scripture it is faith that heals.

Do your bear insults without reaction? Is your faith stronger than insults?

Even without knowledge of Scripture it is faith that heals. Click To Tweet

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