Philippians 4:13 – November 5, 2022

I have the strength for everything through him who empowers me. Philippians 4:13 NABRE                

Paul writing to another of the communities he has led and still nurtures, writes about how doing and trusting in God we receive true life. Paul feels confident in what he is doing and how he is having an impact, not because he feels competent and successful, but because he relies on God. At the same time God does not do things for him, Paul must do everything himself, enlisting help. Paul knows God is fully invested and providing all the strength and affirmation he requires to spread a message of God’s desire for us. We often pray, God do something in our lives, heal us, make us secure, help a friend and so much more. But God allows us to do for ourselves. Isn’t it so much more rewarding when we accomplish something we believe is beyond our ability. Even Jesus said, “I cannot do anything on my own” (John 5:30) signaling His dependence on God. We read Jesus performs many miracles giving God the glory, but it is Jesus who is performing the miracle and holding the person who receives the miracle.

Jesus and Paul both know they are powerless without God. Every time we go to God for help, we will be surprised by God’s power in our doing. Thinking we control situations or circumstances we are more frustrated than successful. Seeking God’s power to assist we are not only successful but affirmed. I hear, “God does for us what we cannot do for ourselves,” It seems a passage from scripture but I cannot find it in the word of God. I think Paul lets us know God does through us what we cannot do ourselves. It is up to us, but we have an ally, but we must seek alliance from our Ally.

Do you enlist God in everything? What are your most fulfilling accomplishments?

Every time we go to God for help, we will be surprised by God’s power in our doing. Share on X

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