Psalms 119:64 – September 2, 2020

The earth, LORD, is filled with your mercy; teach me your statutes. Psalms 119:64 NABRE           

We have a view that God created the word for the benefit of human kind. God speaks, “For I said, ‘My mercy is established forever;'” (Psalms 89:3) God’s mercy is given through His kindness and we read God’s mercy is forever. The quoted scripture indicates the mercy of the Lord, fills the earth. God gives humanity a chance to serve Him and when we do we learn the reward of God’s kindness, shown in His mercy. Mercy is receiving what we do not deserve. Justice is receiving what we deserve. Thus if we do wrong justice requires we be punished, or if we work a full day we get a day’s pay. Mercy is providing compassion or reward where it is not earned. We can reflect on Jesus story of paying day workers in a vineyard all the same wage, though some worked but a few hours while others worked all day (see Matthew 20:1-16). God gives what we do not deserve and God does it throughout the entire earth. God’s mercy is forever and for the entire world. We should never depend on mercy but God tells us we will have it. Mercy is not something we can not earn, mercy is opposed to earning, but mercy is not opposed to effort. So we should work in the world to be instruments of God’s mercy. What we receive we should freely give. The verse continues asking God to teach His statutes. God is merciful and will provide requirements, if we ask, God will provide us the wisdom to understand those requirements. We desire that God will open our minds and hearts to His statutes so we may survive and appreciate Almighty God as we should.

Knowing God’s statutes allows us to know God and receive God’s mercy. Ask God for the wisdom to know Him better!

Have you witnessed God’s mercy? Do you think God’s mercy has limits?

Knowing God's statutes allows us to know God and receive God's mercy. Ask God for the wisdom to know Him better! Share on X

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