Ecclesiastes 11:10 – September 24, 2022

Banish misery from your heart and remove pain from your body, for youth and black hair are fleeting. Ecclesiastes 11:10 NABRE                

Ecclesiastes provides an unexaggerated view of life. The main theme of the entire book is to not focus on the things of the world, chasing after vanities. We can also read that we should not focus on the destructive or hurtful things of life as these to will pass. So misery is not something to hold on to, pain is not anything to bring sadness or unhappiness, just something to work through with as good an attitude as possible. The writer points out our youth will pass and our hair will turn grey which is all a part of life.

It would be wonderful if we could hang on to the excitement of our youth. Today where I live we are ramping up our anxiety over whether we will will be victims of a hurricane. We constantly watch the weather, we wonder should we drive out of it’s path to a hotel, and what safety measures can we perform to ensure we are safe. I remember when I was young a hurricane was a reason for excitement, school would be cancelled, we could run in the rain and we looked forward to it’s coming. Of course we were unaware of the devastation it would bring. But wouldn’t it be nice if in old age we held on to our excitement rather than replace it with fear.

What memories of excitement do you carry from your youth? Can you banish misery and pain from you thinking?

Wouldn’t it be nice if in old age we held on to the excitement of our youth rather than replace it with fear. Click To Tweet
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