Psalms 22:7 – April 3, 2021

But I am a worm, not a man, scorned by men, despised by the people. Psalms 22:7 NABRE           

Psalm twenty-two is a prayer of lament and distress which turns to thanksgiving to God for all He has done for the individual. The psalm opens, “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?” These are the same words Jesus utters from His dying place on the cross. Jesus is calling out for help while suffering on the cross. We may wonder why he feels abandoned. Throughout His public ministry and mission Jesus is challenged and treated unfairly. Jesus spoke about the impending doom He would endure at the end of His mission and all through these moments Jesus praises God, is grateful and trusting of God, His Father. Either this moment on the cross is the most doubt Jesus endures or Jesus is praying this psalm, a prayer to God, recognizing through God He will endure even in His physical weakness. Those listening would recognize the psalm and would be impressed with Jesus calling out to God for help while being thankful to God for everything. In the psalm there is much lamentation and stress, but also a remembrance of what God has done in the psalmist’s life, defeating enemies and calling for God to defeat these enemies again. The psalm ends in thanksgiving, praising God, acknowledging God from whom all inspiration comes, and acknowledging all posterity comes from God. At one moment the psalmist says he is a worm not a man, despised and suffering. Could this not be how Jesus felt on the cross?

Jesus is praying this prayer in His final moments, calling out as one in distress, knowing it is God from whom all help comes and all thanks. It is God to whom all praise is deserved. Jesus says all this beginning this psalm, knowing the glory He will receive from God in the end. 

Do you have the same trust in God as Jesus? What will your prayer be when feeling despised?

Jesus is praying in His final moments, knowing it is to God to whom all praise is deserved, Jesus says this beginning His prayer with Psalm 22. Jesus knows the glory He will receive from God in the end. Click To Tweet

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