1 Peter 1:25 – July 31, 2020

but the word of the Lord remains forever. 1 Peter 1:25 NABRE           

Peter references a passage in scripture from Isaiah 40:6-8. Isaiah is speaking to the Hebrew people who have been in exile in Babylon for more than fifty years. God uses the Babylonians to punish the Hebrew people for their sinfulness. In time Isaiah tells the people their punishment is over and they may return to the Holy City. Isaiah prophesizes God has prepared a way for their easy return, for their salvation. Peter recognizes through the prompting of Holy Spirit this passage is rich for his era, God again has prepared a “way” for the people to be saved. That “way” is announced by John the Baptist and fulfilled through Jesus Christ. Peter speaking about the word declares the word of the Lord remains, it was valid six hundred years before Christ for the circumstances of the time and it applies again or anew in the time of Christ for people seeking salvation and freedom from a nature of sinfulness. Peter tells the communities of the letter (and us) that we have been purified because of obedience to the word, and we now can love one another with a pure heart. We don’t choose the people of our community yet we are called to love them and it is in love we demonstrate our abiding in the word of God. We love because the word teaches us love and loves us first, by accepting the word and accepting love we are called to love as well and to pass on the word to others. We are living signs of the word and of love. Because of our love, being born anew in the word, we are a sign of the Lord reaming forever. The word remains forever through us, living the word granted to us by God through Jesus Christ.

It is by our love we call others to God and it is by our new birth the word remains forever. 

Do you see the word remaining forever? Are you born anew in love?

It is by our love we call others to God and it is by our new birth the word remains forever. Click To Tweet

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