Psalms 8:2-3 – December 26, 2019

O LORD, our Lord, how awesome is your name through all the earth! I will sing of your majesty above the heavens with the mouths of babes and infants. Psalms 8:2-3 NABRE     

Psalm 8 focuses attention of the first great work of God, the creation of the universe and more especially, the creation of man. The psalm begins by acknowledging before God His majesty in heaven and on earth. It proclaims how God makes his glory known, by making his power shine through man’s weakness and by looking after man, endowing him with dignity similar to His own. This psalm finds its fulfillment in Jesus Christ, like God, He received praise of His children, He was crowned with glory and splendor at His resurrection and to Him all things, even death are subject. Praying this psalm, the Christian proclaims the great dignity of man which Jesus Christ restored. Forward in time when Jesus was in the temple and those who were healed sang praise to Jesus. When the temple leaders questioned Jesus about their praise, “Jesus said to them, ‘Yes; and have you never read the text, ‘Out of the mouths of infants and nurslings you have brought forth praise’?‘” (Matthew 21:16)  Jesus understood the psalm and used it in defense of those who were glorifying Jesus for all He has done for them. 

When this phrase was first used by the psalmist, he was trying to capture the thought that any attempt to praise such an awesome God is hopelessly inadequate and amounts to little more than the sounds of infants. When praising the Lord for all He has done it is best to act in love than to shout platitudes.

When you praise and glorify God do you imagine your words can ever captivate God’s great care for us? Do you comprehend all God has done for us? 

When praising the Lord for all He has done it is best to act in love than to shout platitudes. Click To Tweet

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