Jeremiah 31:33 – December 25, 2019

But this is the covenant I will make with the house of Israel after those days-oracle of the LORD. I will place my law within them, and write it upon their hearts; I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Jeremiah 31:33 NABRE     

The prophet Jeremiah tells of God’s new covenant. God has made many covenants, all of which have been binary, God agrees to something and the people agree to something. Keeping these covenants depends on both sides keeping their agreement. But now God is making a unary covenant, God alone promises. God promises to place in our hearts His law, essentially we will love. Additionally God promises He will be our God and we will be His people. God’s new covenant establishes a relationship, God and humanity. Jesus is the fulfillment of the covenant. He is dependent on human parent’s beginning life, living the new covenant. His parents have faith in God to bring them a son and these parents promise God they will care for His vulnerable Son. God could have come to the world in many different ways, as simple as appearing on the road and sharing his message. However, Jesus chose to come vulnerable and needy, as if saying I need you and if you let me I will save you. We are Jesus’ people, God incarnate who wants to be in a relationship, providing glory for all, salvation for all, life for all. We must have faith to enter into this relationship and learn how to live our best life. Jesus parents have faith in God. Jesus has faith in people. If we trust and have faith we too can receive the grace of being God’s people and Him our God. 

As we celebrate Christmas we must see God with us and God in us, our relationship with God is life giving for us and for God. 

Do you see God’s trust in us providing his Son to be nurtured by people? Do we trust God as much as God trust us? 

Jesus chose to come vulnerable and needy, as if saying I need you and if you let me I will save you. We are Jesus' people, God incarnate. Click To Tweet

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