John 10:27 – October 16, 2019

My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27 NABRE      

Jesus is being questioned about whether He is the Messiah or not by Jews in the outer court of the temple. He remarks that they do not believe because they are not His sheep. Jesus knows the people of His era will understand well the relationship between the shepherd and the sheep. The sheep are dependent on the shepherd for their very lives. When the sheep can see the shepherd or hear the shepherd they are calm and relaxed. Without the shepherd’s presence they are easily frighten and prone to run off and get hurt. The shepherd has a distinctive call that is like a whistle or combination of sounds that the sheep recognize and will come to their shepherd, if it is not their shepherd calling they will not come. The dependency relationship is very strong and the shepherd cares very much for the sheep. When Jesus talks about losing one sheep He says he leaves the ninety-nine sheep behind and goes looking for the one. Those who are Jesus’ sheep, are his followers, they know Jesus, they have faith in Jesus and they know Jesus is the Messiah. Jesus will protect those that are His own, they will never perish, Jesus promises His sheep eternal life. Jesus indicates that the sheep were given to Him by the Father and so the sheep are protected by Father and Son. They are one in their regard for the sheep, so nothing will ever happen to the sheep. We believers are those sheep if we know Jesus. To know Jesus is to know more than who He is but that He is Son of God, living His life for others and teaching us about God His Father and the relationship they wish to have with us.

Be the sheep of Jesus, let people see who you follow and when you are called how you go to meet Him.

Do you hear Jesus’ call? Do you follow when called?

Be the sheep of Jesus, let people see who you follow and when you are called how you go to meet Him. Click To Tweet

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