John 15:7 – July 9, 2019

If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask for whatever you want and it will be done for you. John 15:7 NABRE     

Jesus is speaking to his disciples in a farewell address. He tells them to remain in Him and His words will remain in them. This is a communion between Jesus and His disciples. Communion is an intimate sharing. Jesus opens Himself to his disciples to enter Him fully, particularly at a spiritual level. It is the Spirit indwelling in them. When they have this communion they will desire to be completely obedient and deep in love with Him. He too will be in each of them, in words which they will speak on His behalf. We can imagine the disciples (and us) channeling Jesus and speaking what people need to hear. This communion allows the disciples to be close to the Father as well. For Jesus everything He has done has been for the Father, and so the disciples doing the will of Jesus are working on the will of the Father. Jesus tells them with this closeness, and their desires being the will of the Father, whatever they ask will be done for them. It does not mean they can request a pot of gold. All their life, all their deeds, all their prayer becomes about Jesus and the Father. Therefore, what they ask for will naturally be the will and desire of the Father to further God’s plan. They all work for the benefit of those who don’t know Jesus but are being introduced by His disciples.

Entering into communion with the Lord makes us one with Him in thought and spiritual awareness. We must desire to do all that Jesus needs done to fully enter into the will of the Father. It is then that we are able to bring all God’s power to help in finding the lost.

Are you seeking communion with Jesus? Are your desires the same as Jesus’ desires?

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