Psalms 51:10 – May 25, 2019

You will let me hear gladness and joy; the bones you have crushed will rejoice. Psalms 51:10 NABRE     

This is a psalm of David, one of several where he has admitted his wrong doing with Bathsheba and sinfulness against Uriah the Hittite. David begins this psalm by asking God to take away his sin, acknowledging he is a sinner and again asking to be freed of his sin by means of a purification rite. David knows that sin affects every part of who he is, his lips, flesh, eyes, bones and he wants to be made new so that his entire being could rejoice and be glad in God. The quoted verse speaks to this healing of the body and gladness of David once God has purified him. David later in the psalm asks God to put a new heart in him and put a new and right spirit within him. David knows it is the heart and spirit that lead him and that they must be made new from God after all his sinfulness and God’s purification. Once purified, cleansed and made new; David will be an example of righteousness and lead others to God.

David has made his plea for purification and sanctification only once Nathan the prophet sent by God has confronted him about his sinfulness. To his credit David is one of the few chosen by God who admits his wrong doing and asks for reconciliation. David knows God is faithful and having chosen David as King trust that God will desire to forgive David and give him a new chance to be pure and righteous. Although David seems a great sinner for what he has done, God is the great forgiver and still counts on David to free his people, down to his descendant Jesus, Savior and Son. No matter our sin, God is always ready to forgive. You can always start new through God.

Do you admit your wrongdoing? Do you seek forgiveness when you have wronged someone?

No matter our sin, God is always ready to forgive. You can always start new through God. Click To Tweet

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