Proverbs 15:31 – October 6, 2018

The ear that listens to salutary reproof is at home among the wise. Proverbs 15:31 NABRE     

A salutary reproof is a healthy correction. An experienced bowler sees someone new making an incorrect bowl and they might come to them and make a suggestion that could improve their play. If the person listens they are wise, and applying the new information their game may improve. The quoted verse is likely speaking about a salutary reproof that will be good for the soul. We tend to keep our distance from people who are critical of us, but if we trust someone, someone with experience and they are wise, we are wise to listen to them. If we listen to someone who wants to help and offers some constructive criticism, then we ourselves demonstrate a certain amount of wisdom. We are students to the end of our days. Listening and being open to a healthy correction only makes sense.

Where can we receive healthy correction? First, it is probably good to have a spiritual mentor or accompanier. To have someone in your life who has more experience in the things of the soul and who is willing to listen to you and tell you what they hear. We are in our own heads so much when it comes to the spiritual life we may be developing habits that are not helpful. It is good to have someone listen to you and validate or correct what you are doing for your spiritual growth. Second, listen to good leaders and teachers. Thanks to the internet and live streaming, YouTube, twitter, Instagram we have more exposure to some of the best teachers. Follow a few. If you listen to someone on a regular basis you can pick up so much about Jesus and the life of the disciple. I hope this is your goal. If you need a suggestion on some to follow ask me and I can recommend who I listen to regularly.

Are you open to salutary reproof? How do you react when someone is critical?

If you listen to a teacher or leader on a regular basis you can pick up so much about Jesus and the life of the disciple. Disciples of Jesus are always students, have the humility to keep learning. Click To Tweet

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