John 10:23 – May 10, 2022

And Jesus walked about in the temple area on the Portico of Solomon. John 10:23 NABRE                

There is a feast and Jesus along with other good Jews travel from their home to the temple in Jerusalem. Certain feasts the city increases by over two-hundred and fifty thousand people. Often merchants sell sacrificial lambs, change money to temple coins, and selling all goods to help so many visitors. During this feast Jesus is in the temple, questioned about His mission and where He has come from. Jesus’ charisma always attracts a crowd and His message is untraditional. There are always those who want to challenge Him and His message. Naturally the leadership of the temple are present and Jews who have studied the Torah for most of their life. We never learn where Jesus studied and how He became so knowledgeable of scripture. There are moments when we hear He has stunned the learned with His knowledge, and Jesus challenges their understanding of the scriptures. Jesus sees the law as good but rather we love; if we love, the law is fulfilled. Jesus also challenges the temple system, He is not a priest but He preaches, He is not an ordained leader yet He leads; all His authority comes from the anointing by God and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. With this anointing Jesus never seeks approval from humans, rather Jesus seeks only the will of God, glorifying God in all He does, through those He transforms and by challenging systems that do not feed the people. 

Jesus’ greatest message is we don’t need anyone to go to God, we can seek God, speaking to Him directly. The dependence on the law and the prophet’s does not change, but the need for intermediaries to God has been shattered. Seek God, you will be satisfied.

Do you meet God one on one? Are you able to meet God anywhere?

Jesus’ greatest message; we can go to God directly, speaking to Him directly. Jesus continues to depend on the law and the prophet’s, but the need for intermediaries to God has been shattered. Seek God, you will be satisfied. Share on X

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