Luke 2:40 – February 2, 2022

The child grew and became strong, filled with wisdom; and the favor of God was upon him. Luke 2:40 NABRE                

Luke tells the events of Jesus circumcision, and presentation as well as Mary’s purification. Though they lived more than a day’s journey from Jerusalem, Joseph and Mary go to the temple for this presentation and purification. The story includes two wisdom people whose meeting of Jesus is used as a sign that Jesus is special, we later learn the Son of God. Through these two wisdom people Jesus is presented as the one to fulfill the prophecy of a Messiah. Luke ties it to the prophecy of Malachi, “Now I am sending my messenger-he will prepare the way before me; And the lord whom you seek will come suddenly to his temple; The messenger of the covenant whom you desire-see, he is coming! says the LORD of hosts. (3.1)  Luke lays out these events to support the story being built that Jesus is the Messiah who has come to redeem the people. The events in the story Luke tells are about a child under two months old being taken by His Holy Family to fulfill the requirements of the law. Luke ends with the child returning with His parents, growing, becoming strong, filled with wisdom and having the favor of God rest upon Him. Jesus is not heard from again until He is twelve and remains behind in the temple. This concluding verse of Luke makes Jesus sound like a very normal little boy. Like any child dependent on his parents to grow and learn, Jesus seems very usual. There is nothing we know about Jesus life at home, with His parents and the community of Nazareth. But Luke wants to leave us with the impression it is a normal life.

Jesus humanity is an important aspect to God’s deliberate sending of His Son. Life for Jesus is not unusual, it is a life we can and should live.

Can you live like Jesus? Do think His divinity made His life easy?

Jesus humanity is an important aspect to God's deliberate sending of His Son. Life for Jesus is not unusual, it is a life we can and should live. Share on X

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