Mark 12:27 – June 2, 2021

He is not God of the dead but of the living. You are greatly misled. Mark 12:27 NABRE           

Jesus is asked a question to trap Him, about who is married to whom after the resurrection. Jesus explains after rising from the dead you are neither married nor given in marriage. Marriage is a special earthly kind of love and partnership that helps people deepen in love of each other so we may understand love from God when we can’t physically see Him. In the resurrection we will all see God and love each other as deeply as God loves us. There is no need for a special marriage relationship after being raised from the dead. Those who asked the question did not believe in the resurrection and Jesus goes on to tell them that God is the God of the living. If they believe once dead always dead then they do not understand the scriptures. The body rises and there is an afterlife. If there is no resurrection then who would adore and love God, who is God of the living. The resurrection brings body and soul together and we, like angels, live in God’s abode, we see and hear God as the angels. Resurrection ensures those embodied are not long apart from their body. Once conceived we are available to love God eternally, and God accepts our love eternally. It is for this reason that God has created the world, filled with His creation whom He loves, giving His creation an opportunity to love Him in return. If we do not understand resurrection and rising from the dead, we have been misled.

Often when we are young, we are challenged to do good so down the road we can receive some reward. God desires we live forever but doesn’t view rising from the dead a reward. Loving God itself is our reward, and we can do so today as well as in the future. 

Do you believe you will live forever? Do you seek to love God as deeply as He loves you? 

God desires we live forever but doesn't view rising from the dead a reward. Loving God itself is our reward, and we can do so today as well as in the future. Click To Tweet

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