Mark 10:52 – May 27, 2021

Jesus told him, “Go your way; your faith has saved you.” Immediately he received his sight and followed him on the way. Mark 10:52 NABRE           

Leaving the town of Jericho Jesus is called by a man who is blind. Jesus speaks to the man who asks to have his sight restored. The faith of this man is highlighted by many who read the story; calling out though he is rebuffed by those following Jesus yet refusing to stop his calling. When he is finally summoned by Jesus he throws his cloak aside knowing he is beginning a new life, his old life dies, reborn from above (John 3:3). The mere summoning of Jesus in his eyes is enough to transform his future. This is strong faith many recognize in the man and it is the faith Jesus recognizes when he asks the man what he wants. Jesus tells him to go on his way, it is his faith that saved him. This is a salvation story that includes healing, the man’s sight is restored immediately following Jesus declaring he is saved. 

This man further demonstrates his faith when he does not return to the community he has come from or the town he has lived in; rather he follows Jesus on the way. Imagine if you knew there was a man who could heal you, no matter your ailment and that man is passing you by, would you call out to him no matter what others say to you. Is your faith so strong you practically demand the man listen to you. What would you do after you are healed? Do you return to your life or follow this man. If someone has the power to heal you can be sure there is something very special about this man, and much more to learn from Him. I love that this newly sighted man follows Jesus, and I hope he stayed with him forever. I wonder how many others who encounter Jesus in this manner did the same.

How much faith do you have? Would you leave everything to follow Jesus? 

If someone has the power to heal, you can be sure they are very special, and there is more they can teach. A newly sighted man follows Jesus, and I hope he stays with him forever. I hope the many others who encounter Jesus through healing do the same. Share on X

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