Psalms 126:5 – December 9, 2020

Those who sow in tears will reap with cries of joy. Psalms 126:5 NABRE           

This is a psalm of joy from the point of view of returned exiles. The Lord cares for his people and as the pilgrims reach the city, they re-live the joy felt as repatriated exiles. It begins by describing the joy they feel to be back in the city, thanks to the Lord. They continue asking the Lord to bring back other exiles so they may share in the joy. They ask God to restore their fortunes, they are looking for their fortunes to change for the better, they have struggled, been captive and now they return and are free to adore God and ask for His help. Recognizing they have suffered they begin to see the joys of returning and being with God. The pain of suffering gives rise to holy tears. This time of weeping is also the time of sowing. Sowing seeds of love and care is a working toward the easing of people’s burdens and sowing seeds of eternal happiness. Sowing is practical advice for those listening at the writing of the psalm, most are farmers, it touches on an aspect of life they are familiar with and it reminds people that their mission is to sow God’s seeds by implanting spirituality, morality and integrity. The process of nurturing seeds until they are reaping harvest can be agonizing and frustrating, but the achievement of ultimate success brings incomparable joy. 

The seeds of disciple’s mission may become drenched in tears of unbearable suffering, but the crop, the eventual harvest of homage to righteousness and truth will be reaped in joy. Bringing people to harvest can be no greater joy, a change that improves the fortunes of those who haven’t known God. Suffering for God leads to reaping with joy. 

Do you sow seeds of tears for God? Have you reaped cries of joy?

Those who sow in tears will reap with cries of joy (Psalms 126:5.) Suffering for God leads to reaping with joy. Click To Tweet

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