Colossians 4:2 – June 1, 2020

Persevere in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving; Colossians 4:2 NABRE           

In this section of the letter Paul is writing to the community at Colossae, he is closing the letter with a theme of prayer, thanksgiving, grace, the word and walking in wisdom. He asks the reader to persevere in prayer, being faithful to prayer and being aware of what is needed and for whom. Paul also tells them to be thankful. Paul is ever aware of all the good God has done for his work and Paul never forgets to be thankful for all God has given. The reader is challenged to persevere in prayer. To persevere in prayer does not mean we should be walking around reciting words of intention, thanks or faith, but that our life should be a prayer. In all we do our life should persevere in consciousness about God and the gifts God provides, the grace we receive and all we have in our life. We should be conscious of what is given and be thankful, which we can show through our positivity, and encouragement of others. We should be ever conscious of the wisdom we are provided, recognizing in moments that we are led in the right direction, we should be conscious this is Wisdom of God. We should be ever conscious that we have the word available, the word which we read and the Word which has come to bring God’s message to all. This consciousness leads to a growing awareness of God’s presence in our life. We are never alone, in our waking and sleeping God is there, cares and aches for our returned presence with Him. 

Living in a consciousness of God’s presence is something we need to teach ourselves. We need to move through our day with a mind that is aware of God’s presence, causally speaking and thinking of God like a presence we can depend on and in whom we can expect a response. 

Are you aware of God in your life? Do you persevere in prayer?

Living in a consciousness of God's presence is something we need to teach ourselves. Share on X

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