John 21:5 – April 17, 2020

Jesus said to them, “Children, have you caught anything to eat?” They answered him, “No.” John 21:5 NABRE           

This verse is near the end of the gospel of John. It is a resurrection revelation story of Jesus to His disciples. They have returned to their old occupations after Jesus death and are fishing near their homes, on the Sea of Tiberius. In this story Jesus appears on the shore after the disciples had a dismal night of fishing, in fact they caught nothing. At dawn, Jesus standing on the shore, calls out as we read in the quoted verse. With the confirmation they have not caught fish Jesus instructs them where to cast their nets, doing so, they achieve an abundance of fish. It was in this moment that John recognizes that it is Jesus who was calling to them from the shore. When they arrive Jesus has made a fire and calls for some of the fish to make the disciples breakfast. It is a touching story because we see the affection of Jesus. He calls them children, like a loving father or shepherd who is looking after those He loves. We can recognize it is with Jesus that they are able to catch fish, on their own they accomplished nothing. The final moment in this scene is Jesus making breakfast for them and giving them something to eat. We can recognize three views of Jesus; He is affectionate, helps achieve and He nourishes. Jesus from the moment He speaks to them does so with love, in an affectionate manner, not as someone disappointed they are not out spreading the gospel. He helps them achieve; only with a resurrected Jesus are they able to catch fish, and later fish for men. Jesus nourishes, first by actually making breakfast, but ultimately He nourishes with His Word, it brings life for the remainder of their mission.

Jesus is affection, achievement and nourishment. 

Do you see Jesus’ love? Can you achieve with Jesus?

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