Matthew 24:44 – October 23, 2019

So too, you also must be prepared, for at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will come. Matthew 24:44 NABRE     

Jesus speaking to His disciples is speaking about many things to come, He seems to be cramming in all the final instruction they should know and share with us before he goes off to His death. The quoted verse is challenging us to be prepared, be ready for when the Son of Man will return. There will be destruction and tribulation and it will be a time of much unnatural activity along with natural disaster. Jesus is encouraging His disciples to share a message of preparedness, so that when the Son of Man comes again those who listen and follow will be saved from death and judgement. Personally I am not motivated by being prepared to get some reward down the road. I prefer to live a prepared life all along because I know it leads to a better life. However, there are those who will hear this message and be prepared because of its warning. The teaching of Jesus is really quite versatile, He tells stories and parables and gives predication using familiar life situations to people of all time. His style of teaching allows the message to be heard by a broad community of listeners. One message may not resonate with one person but Jesus tells things in such a way that another message will have an impact to this very listener. It is why this kind of message may not motivate me but will motivate someone else, while messages taught in other verses of scripture will impact me and maybe not someone else. 

Overall Jesus’ is teaching to have a better life and a better eternal life. We should follow His message no matter what aspect of the message touches our heart. It is not to say it is not all good, just we all hear differently. 

Do you hear and prepare for the end times? Do you live knowing life with Jesus is better?

Jesus' teaching is quite versatile, He tells stories, parables and predictions using familiar life situations to people of all time. He speaks a message that will be heard by a broad community of listeners. Click To Tweet

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