Psalms 127.1 – September 10, 2019

Unless the LORD build the house, they labor in vain who build. Unless the LORD guard the city, in vain does the guard keep watch. Psalms 127.1 NABRE     

This is a psalm that declares to be successful a persons effort must depend on the support of God. It opens by declaring human efforts are of no avail unless backed up by God. Anything people embark upon will be successful if God wants it to be. The second half of the psalm declares that children are a gift and those who are blessed with children feel secure and joyful. This is a psalm Christians applied to building up the church. If the Lord does not build the house in vain do the builders labor. It can be applied to the life of a Christian who is the temple of God with whom the Spirit dwells within. The reference seems to be to a building but really it is people. The house of God must be built with living stones. The church is built up of those who know everything depends on God. If God wants it nothing can stop it and If God is against it nothing can make it. Church today stands on the shoulders of many who lived before, but is only as strong as those who live today. We sometimes forget the church is the people and think we must raise money for pretty buildings, and many extras to keep people busy, like garage sales, Christmas bazaars, and concerts to entertain teens. God expects no more than living examples of love, people who make others more important than themselves and in all things rely on God.

If you are doing something as a church and it doesn’t seem to be working, it is probably not what God wants. Stop and go back to basics. Build everything up in the Lord and the Lord who takes care of everything will see to its success.

Do you work hard and wonder why you are not having success? Does your church live joyfully with many successes?

Build everything up in the Lord and the Lord who takes care of everything will see to its success. Share on X

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