Isaiah 64:8 – August 27, 2019

Do not be so very angry, LORD, do not remember our crimes forever; look upon us, who are all your people! Isaiah 64:8 NABRE     

The prophet Isaiah is writing around the time of the destruction of Jerusalem, seeing the damage that is everywhere. The site of the ruins haunts the prophet. This section of the writing is a recollection how the people have failed, have sinned, followed by petition and confession, ending with an appeal. The petition of the prophet is to ask God why such destruction could occur, why let the people plunder, why have the wicked invaded and trampled the sanctuary. Moving to confession, the people admit sinfulness, that they are unclean, they have become withered like leaves and their guilt carries them away in the wind. But they never forget God is their Father, he molded them like a potter his clay, they are all works of God’s hand. Then we read the quoted verse, “Do not be so very angry, Lord, do not remember our crimes forever …” Their faith assures them God will not remain silent forever, asking, “Can you hold back, LORD, after all this? Can you remain silent, and afflict us so severely? (Isaiah 64:11) The history of the Jews is one of failing to live up to their promises to God and God forgiving them and restoring them. They live all their failures out loud in the stories of the scriptures. We learn of God who holds his children accountable, but forgives and restores.

Much of the history of God and His people is one that continues the same pattern; we are like wild children doing as we please, eventually coming to a deeper understanding of life and looking to God to help us realize the truly important. Forgiveness is critical. God constantly forgives and we need to learn to forgive unceasingly.

How often do you forgive? Do you seek forgiveness?

Forgiveness is critical. God constantly forgives and we need to learn to forgive unceasingly. Click To Tweet

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