Isaiah 26:3 – June 29, 2019

With firm purpose you maintain peace; in peace, because of our trust in you. Isaiah 26:3 NABRE     

In the section leading up to the quoted verse Isaiah speaks about a banquet that God throws for the people, a great feast. The Lord prepared for all the nations on top of Mount Zion succulent food and wine. A divine fare that God provides and which surpasses anything that we could imagine. The feast celebrates the defeat of enemies and the standing of Jerusalem. Jerusalem will no longer be the sinful city, it will be a righteous city for a holy nation whose sins have been washed away. After the celebration of the banquet prepared by God, two hymns are intoned which will be shared on the day. The first praises the Lord: He is faithful; those who put their hope of salvation in Him will never be disappointed. The second hymn returns to the theme of praise of the Lord for giving refuge to the poor and needy. It speaks of salvation and the righteous nation which keeps faith. We read God maintains peace; and in peace our trust is in God who trusts the people. It is a sort of greeting, they would ask one another; what is your peace? My peace is from God because I trust wholly in Him. For the Jews, peace was not the cessation of war, it includes blessings such as wholeness, health, quietness of soul, preservation and completeness. This peace is everything, receiving it from God was their greatness joy.

In times of war peace is nice, but the peace of God surpasses anything we could imagine peace being. To know safety, security, abundance and joy is what the peace of God promises. We should seek out and embrace any small peace that we can receive from God through grace.

You do seek the peace of the Lord? Are you able to recognize divine peace when you receive it?

We should seek out and embrace any small peace that we can receive from God through grace. Click To Tweet

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