Philippians 2:13 – April 30, 2019

For God is the one who, for his good purpose, works in you both to desire and to work. Philippians 2:13 NABRE     

God needs us to be instruments of what He wants to accomplish. Paul has this rich line written to the community at Philippe desiring that while salvation may be theirs, it is to be worked out as a community that reverences and is in awe of God. Paul tells them if allowed God will work on them and by so doing make them ready to desire God and work for God. If we let God work in us, then God’s work can be done through us. God is always more interested in the person doing the work, then accomplishing the work in some perfect way. God desires we work together in relationship to become holy and righteous and be an example for others. It is important that the energy God exerts to make us righteous is always more important to us than how others see us as a disciple of God. We have a tendency to try to please others, to be recognized as significant in the eyes of other people but it is our surrender to God, becoming an instrument for God that is our true significance. We may never be famous, or accomplish great works, but being a small humble follower of God makes us important and most significant to God. It is why full belief, every day, all day will always top fame and significance in the eyes of the world. Once we allow God to work in us, the power that works through us is from the Holy Spirit, the power that raised Christ from the dead. It is a power than can accomplish anything.

Allowing the Spirit to work through you provides the means for God to accomplish His plan for your lives. The Spirit working in us requires we are open; we remain close to the Word of God, and we are willing to suffer as Jesus did.

Do you allow God to work in your life? Will you accept the power of the Spirit?

Allowing the Spirit to work through you provides the means for God to accomplish His plan for our lives. Click To Tweet

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