2 Samuel 7:22 – April 15, 2019

Therefore, great are you, Lord GOD! There is no one like you, no God but you, as we have always heard. 2 Samuel 7:22 NABRE

The quoted verse is part of a prayer that King David proclaims to God in response to the prophecy of Nathan. Nathan proclaims a dynastic succession of David which includes the Messiah who will be David’s descendant. David responds with a song of praise addressing the three points of the prophecy: 1) the divine election of David himself, 2) the election of the people as people of God, 3) the consolidation of the Davidic dynasty. David identifies himself with the line, and therefore the blessings which come on him extend to the whole house of David. David is a shepherd who prays for his people and prays in their name. His submission to the will of God, his praise and repentance, will be a model for the prayer of the people. His prayer is a faithful adherence to the divine promise and expresses a loving and joyful trust in God, the only King and Lord. David is so thankful to God, he is humbled by his election and he wants his descendants to forever praise the Lord and thank Him for this great honor. He proclaims that God is great, there is no other God like the one true God, and it is what he and the people have heard forever. David puts all trust and faith in the one true God of Israel.

David is honored by God, it is obvious that God has great trust in David and therefore builds a plan of salvation around the line of David. We learn that Jesus the Messiah is David’s’ descendant and so salvation comes from the line of David. David was not perfect by any means, but he was a person who asked for forgiveness when he did sin. We can never forget that no matter what we have done against God or others, it is by asking for forgiveness that we make things right.

Do you make mistakes? Do you apologize when necessary?

David was not perfect by any means, but he was a person who asked for forgiveness when he did sin. Click To Tweet

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