Proverbs 4:23 – August 14, 2018

With all vigilance guard your heart, for in it are the sources of life. Proverbs 4:23 NABRE     

The opening chapters of Proverbs are a lengthy invitation to be open to instruction. There are ten lessons and three poems inviting the listener to openness, to hold on to what they have learned and seek always to acquire and treasure wisdom. This fourth chapter calls us to be open to wisdom. Wisdom is a feminine instructor, teaching and loving, she will guard, give insight and she honors. She places a beautiful crown on our head signifying a covenant with her. Once acquiring wisdom the next instruction shows the path to take, the way to journey. It is contrasted against the way of the wicked which is wrong, dark and violent. The instruction of wisdom is to listen, see, walk straight, look forward, do not turn away and as the quoted verse says, to guard our heart, as it is the source of life. The message of wisdom is to always be attentive and guard against being tempted toward sin. Most importantly we must keep our heart pure. If the heart accepts injustice, wrong doing, even subtle indiscretion, then the rest of us will follow without struggle. Where your heart goes, you go. Your heart determines your life. Train it to be disciplined, blocking all weakness.

Keeping our heart pure is critical. We must work for purity, training ourselves to be positive, avoiding all negativity. We must train ourselves to be present to God, to have friends who will lead us toward a blessed life, having peace so as to soothe our heart, opening it for love. Certainly we must always guard against easy success and short lived happiness, over indulging, friends who lead us astray and putting cultural influences before Godly ones. Your heart leads your life.

Is your heart pure? Do you know the steps to take to purify your heart? Do you accept instruction from wisdom?

Keeping our heart pure is critical. Train to be present to God. Guard against easy success, short lived happiness, over indulging, friends leading astray and putting cultural influences before Godly ones. Our heart leads our life. Share on X

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