Psalms 25:14-15 – October 17, 2020

The counsel of the LORD belongs to those who fear him; and his covenant instructs them. My eyes are ever upon the LORD, who frees my feet from the snare. Psalms 25:14-15 NABRE           

In this psalm David is raising his soul to God, not to idols and he identifies the just person as one who fears the Lord (biblically speaking respects the Lord) they fulfill the requirements to enter the temple, to be with God. This psalm begins with David wanting to be instructed by the Law of God and to be forgiven. It then goes on to reflect on the way God does things, contemplating God’s goodness, asking for forgiveness and then describing the good things the Lord does for those who respect Him. It continues seeking a pardon, for deliverances from enemies, and for innocence in the Lord’s sight. This psalm represents one of the finest examples of David’s life long struggle to keep on the path of the upright. David is begging for assistance to keep his ways straight. In the quoted verses we read God will only provide counsel to those who respect Him; it requires knowing God, studying God’s word and praying with God. It also reads about a covenant, a pack God has with the soul, promising to provide true knowledge and enlightening the person, now and eternally. David declares he will not take his eyes off God who frees his feet from sin. It is God that frees us from the addiction of our sinfulness and keeps temptation at bay. 

We, like David constantly struggle with staying on the upright path. We are easily swayed toward frustration with those around us, disappointment in their selfishness. But we too frustrate others and are often very selfish. We should constantly seek God’s assistance to see others as God sees them as well as seeing ourselves through the eyes of God.

Do you appeal to God for righteousness? Do you know only God can free you from addiction?

We should constantly seek God's assistance to see others as God sees them as well as seeing ourselves through the eyes of God. Share on X

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