Isaiah 40:29 – September 17, 2018

He gives power to the faint, abundant strength to the weak. Isaiah 40:29 NABRE     

Chapter forty of Isaiah begins a second era in the prophets speaking to the people. It is a time when the city of Jerusalem has been conquered and destroyed by the Babylonians. Many of the people are in exile in Babylon as slaves. The prophet begins to proclaim hope. God will feed His flock, He has made all things and cares for his people. God is ruler of the earth, of life and is infinitely good. He calls people to hope, trust in Him. There is no one like God, no one to compare him too. God is everlasting, He does not grow weak and he will give power to the faint and abundant strength to the weak. Captive in Babylon it would be a difficult to hear a message of hope such as this. But it was the beginning of encouragement. Throughout scripture we read stories and see evidence of God depending on those who appear foolish, faint of heart, weak, the ones no one can believe become instruments of God’s goodness. This is a new generation of Hebrew people and they would eventually return and rebuild the temple. God uplifts when the future seems bleak. This message is for us as much as it is for the people who first hear it. God is dependent on you. It may not be obvious, but God’s plan requires you. Imagine the push back Isaiah received trying to encourage a people locked in slavery, people whose power was faint and strength weak, But then God boosted them.

You are a person of hope. You know God and that God is for you. There are times when you think you don’t need God but God will also give you power and strength in any situation. You must be ready to receive what God has for you. Don’t ever be discouraged, you are a child of God.

Is there hope in your life? Do you accept God’s power and strength? Are you an eager instrument of God’s plan?

You must be ready to receive what God has for you. Don’t ever be discouraged, you are a child of God. Share on X

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