Psalms 119:36 – February 11, 2020

Direct my heart toward your testimonies and away from gain. Psalms 119:36 NABRE     

King David was devoted to the attainment of self-perfection in the service of God. Every action and step in David’s life was calculated to bring him closer to his goal. In this psalm of one-hundred seventy-six verses (the longest of all the psalms), David painstakingly charts his progress towards spiritual perfection. David describes many obstacles and dangers that confronted him in his lifetime. Yet his spirit refused to be overwhelmed by sorrow, he embraced joy and love for God.  David praises God and salvation while capturing his walk with God. The quoted verse addresses having a heart drawn toward the teaching of God, who cautions a king not to amass a personal fortune, it could lead to growing excessively proud. Deuteronomy, a book of laws delivered by Moses, has rules for a king including, “Neither shall he have a great number of wives, lest his heart turn away, nor shall he accumulate a vast amount of silver and gold.” (17:17) If a person studies God’s testimonies for selfish gain they will receive only a fraction of the spiritual bliss that is inherent reward for study of God’s word. However, the person who studies the word of God for its own sake will get great reward, consisting primarily of spiritual bliss and personal success financially and socially. The word of God makes us rich, but we can’t use it as a get rich guide, we must intend to learn God’s word to be closer to God and deepen ourselves spiritually. 

We should be interested in knowing God’s word so that we may be close to God and spiritually rich. We by knowing God’s word will be rich in many other ways but this is secondary, there can be no richer person that the one who knows God intimately. 

Do you enjoy God’s word? Have you deepened your spiritual nature?

We should be interested in knowing God's word so that we may be close to God and spiritually rich. Click To Tweet

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