Amos 5:14 – January 8, 2020

Seek good and not evil, that you may live; Then truly the LORD, the God of hosts, will be with you as you claim. Amos 5:14 NABRE     

Amos was a prophet called to prophesy in the Northern Kingdom of Israel. The Lord choose to make him a spokesperson, to stir up the people’s consciences. His preaching has to do mainly with two subjects; the defense of the poor and the needy against exploitation by the rich and powerful; and the need for external rites and worship to move people’s hearts and encourage them to mend their ways, he wanted true liturgical worship, not a service to make people feel like they have honored the Lord. Many at the time thought God would be placated by the motion of religious observance. Amos taught true religion must be just and fair towards one’s neighbor; religion without morality is not possible. Amos was very outspoken in his criticism of the well-to-do for the way they treated the poor and defenseless. The section with the quoted verse includes several oracles, first a lament over what will happen to Israel, that Israel must seek the Lord if it expects to have life and the people should praise God the creator of the heavens and earth. So he tells the people to seek God and live, this means seeking what is good and helping those who are in need. If they do good then the Lord will be merciful. Conversion is accomplished in daily life by gestures of reconciliation, concerns for the poor and the exercise and defense of justice and right. Each person should have an examination of conscience and as Jesus teaches take up their cross each day, the surest way to perform penance. 

We must all seek to do good, avoid evil and work toward forgiveness, and God will be with us.

Do you see religious worship including loving your neighbor through acts? Do you personally help those in need?

We must all seek to do good, avoid evil and work toward forgiveness, and God will be with us. Click To Tweet

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