Proverbs 17:17 – August 11, 2018

A friend is a friend at all times, and a brother is born for the time of adversity. Proverbs 17:17 NABRE     

This proverb credited to Solomon, covers love, friendship and brotherhood (hear also sisterhood). Friends are important, any kind of accomplishment in life is never done alone, we must have friends to help. Friends are there in hard times, they lift us up when we are down, they have our back in a struggle, in good times they join us in work, laughter, play and fun. True friends are always with us, and we as friend never abandon another. There is a catch phrase, “fair weather friend,” someone around when times are good but nowhere to be seen in difficulty. This is not a friend. A friend loves, demonstrating their love by presence, action and care. Good friends create a relationship of love but a brother is created in adversity. The Marines call themselves a brotherhood, their bond is forged in battle. Others have done the same, building something together that is difficult, creating a company together, building a church together, lifting one another up after the death of a loved one, or change in lifestyle. Brotherhood forges a deeper bond, brothers go through a difficult event and successful or not, are brothers forever.

Jesus is the example for both. Jesus is a friend to everyone, He came to bring a joyful message, He wants everyone to be happy and at peace, He wants everyone to live a life redeemed. He loves everyone, always. But Jesus’ incarnation created a brother, He came to be a brother to all who choose Him, who choose His Father. As a brother He goes through anything, even death, to demonstrate His brotherhood. He carries the cross saying, I love you my brother, I love you my sister. Jesus is friend, brother and redeemer. .

How are you as a friend to others? What would you do for your brother? What difficulty will you go through for Jesus?

Jesus’ incarnation creates a brother to all who choose Him and His Father. As a brother He takes on anything, even death, carrying the cross saying, I love you my brother, I love you my sister. Jesus is friend, brother and redeemer. Click To Tweet


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